Standard glazing

Energy saving double glazed units are fitted as standard on Broxwood windows and doors. The glass is coated with a thin, invisible metal film that allows solar heat penetration but limits heat loss when the outside temperature is below that of the inside.

Glazing options

Additional glazing options are available on most of our windows and doors. It is also possible combine options to achieve a variety of benefits.

Triple Glazing are fitted as standard with Broxwoods Alu-Clad range of products . It is also available as an upgrade to many of Broxwood’s timber range of windows and doors to provide some improved thermal insulation.
Solar control glass reduces the effects of solar heating, particularly in south facing elevations by limiting the transmission of light and heat using tinted glass. There are a variety of tints available; the darker the tint the greater the effect.
Noise reduction glass is typically used to reduce the level of excessive traffic and local environment noise. The glazing specification is tailored to the individual circumstances.
Safety glass is designed to protect against injury and forced entry keeping your home safe and secure. A combination of safety glass: laminated glass, and tempered (toughened) glass is used in al glazed doors and some windows where required.

Laminated glass is two sheets of glass bonded together in combination with a flexible plastic film. The glass will crack when it is overloaded, but splinters of glass remain held safely by the plastic film. Laminated glass also protects against UV radiation, and can halve the fading of interior materials.

Tempered glass can withstand 3.5 times greater loads than ordinary glass. When tempered glass is broken break it shatters into thousands of pieces reducing the risk of injury.

Obscure glass is offered in various patterns and degrees of opaqueness to provide privacy while still allowing the transmission of light.
Coloured Glass is available in a variety of forms. It can be a genuinely coloured glass, a clear glass with coloured foil on one side, coloured foil laminated between two or more sheets of clear glass, enamelled glass and glass coated with a guarantee against cracking and flaking.