Maintenance programme

Having purchased your new Broxwood timber and alu-clad windows and doors, you can relax in the knowledge that you have safely invested in robust, top quality products which will last a lifetime or more. Developments in timber window design and finish has created products that minimise water retention, damp penetration, and with micro-porous paints that allow wood to breathe; all contribute to a low maintenance product. Factory-finished windows need not be repainted for up to 6 years. Thereafter 3 to 5 year painting cycles is the norm.

Our products are specified to offer the ultimate protection.They have been specifically designed and built to survive the harsh Baltic and Scandinavian climate and so naturally come with reassuring warranties of up to 10 years.

To ensure your windows and doors continue to perform at optimum levels, please follow these simple recommendations:

Alu-clad window and door surfaces offer a virtually maintenance-free option. Frames may simply be wiped down with a damp cloth as required.

Timber products require more attention. SIKKENS paints, stains and varnishes are used to finish all of our products. For recoating and repairs to timber windows and doors, we recommend that you use either SIKKENS or SADOLIN products.

The products must be cleaned and treated with protective agents at least twice a year, preferably early spring and late summer. Use a soft cloth and cleaning agents for wooden surfaces.

We recommend using SIKKENS cleaners for glaze and paint care, which will coat the surface with a transparent protective layer making it more flexible and brighter. Before using any cleaning agents, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

If the window or door structure includes closing mechanisms, the moving parts should be greased at least once every 3 months. Sliding guide rails must be regularly cleaned from dust and debris, to prevent damage to the sliding wheels.

Silicone seals must not be cleaned with chemically active and abrasive cleaning products.

It is important to regularly inspect the construction joints and corner connections to detect cracks in a timely manner and fill them with suitable sealant.