Delivery, storage and on-site care

To avoid the risk of physical damage and problems relating to weather exposure, windows and doors should be delivered to site as close to the time for fitting as possible.

Unloading and handling of windows and doors should be carried out in a safe and careful manner, avoiding damage to the frames and breakage of the factory glazing.

We strongly recommend that windows and doors are stored in a sheltered environment. It is not good practice to store finished joinery outdoors, even if protected. Avoid warping of the frames during storage by evenly distributing the weight of the units on timber battens We recommend that windows are stored vertically on edge. Never store horizontally and never store to an excess height.

Always allow free circulation of air around stored windows and doors. Never allow moisture and condensation to accumulate. To prevent soiling, cover the units with heavy plastic sheeting or tarpaulins until used. Light polythene can tear, trap water, or blow away and therefore should not be used.


During construction, it is necessary to ventilate the building to avoid condensation forming on the inside of the glass units. Further airing may be required until the building has fully dried out, which can often take up to six months after building completion.

Site finishes

Where a pebble dash or render finish is to be applied, the entire window should be protected by plywood or similar.