Broxwood Windows & Doors Ltd. Product Warranty

Broxwood products, are manufactured to high and existing standards. This Product Warranty is applicable from the date goods are ready for delivery and is subject to Broxwood Windows & Doors Limited Standard Conditions of Sale.

1 Product Warranty covers the following items as specifically detailed below:

1.1 Wood Frame & Sash

The Company warrants that all wood components are free from defects of workmanship or materials that would affect performance for a period of (5) five years.

1.2 Surface Treatment

The Company warrants that standard two coat opaque finished joinery is warranted for (5) five years (excluding natural resin exudation and movement around knots). Regular maintenance inspections of at least yearly intervals must be undertaken by the Customer. For non standard colours and translucent stains, see item 2.2

1.3 Ironmongery

The Company warrants hinge systems and handles for a period of (10) ten years to be free from functional failure provided they are maintained in accordance to Broxwood’s Care and Maintenance procedures. Surface finishes for handles and catches are not covered by this warranty.

1.4 Double & Triple Glazed Unit

The Company warrants that glass will comply with Glass and Glazing Federation visual quality standards. The Company warrants that seals on the double and triple glazed units will be free from failure (here “failure” meaning failure of the insulation glass unit resulting in penetration of moisture into the air space and appearance of moisture on the glass inside the air space) for a period of (10) ten years. If failure occurs in the first five years the Company will be responsible for the re-glazing costs (Materials and installation). If the failure occurs in the second five years the Company’s obligations hereunder are limited only to supplying the replacement glazing units.
The Company reserves the right to supply a replacement whole sash with glass as an alternative to a glass panel. No other glass defect or phenomena are covered by this warranty.

2 Exclusions

This warranty shall be void where:

2.1 Damage to the surface coatings has occurred by physical damage, abrasion (e.g. window cleaners), pet damage, chemical damage, damage caused by bad maintenance or poor design of the building.

2.2 Where non-standard paint finishes were ordered by the customer. In such cases the warranties for the surface coatings only extend for the period set out below.

  • Two coat opaque – three years
  • One coat primer – three months
  • One coat translucent stain – no warranty
  • Two coat translucent stain – one year
  • Un-finished products – no warranty

2.3 Damage has occurred as a result of faulty installation, repairs, alterations or work processes or pollution from the surrounding area.

2.4 Damage has occurred from excessive cleaning processes or hosing down of product.

2.5 Products have been stored in unventilated areas prior to fitting, or have been left unventilated during the construction process.

2.6 Products have been used in swimming pool enclosures.

2.7 Surface wear has gradually been caused by natural elements.

2.8 Damage has been caused by external causes outside the control of the Company which shall include, but are not limited to accident, fire, disaster or burglary.

2.9 Products have been exposed to unusual physical conditions.

2.10 Any sums remain due to the Company.

All surface treatment warranties are subject to environmental conditions of the site, location and adherence to the care and maintenance procedures stated in the Company’s site instructions.

Claim Procedure

If you have a valid claim please contact our office in the first instance requesting a claim form.


If necessary it rests with the Customer to substantiate the date of despatch of products from the manufacturer, proof of purchase and provide maintenance record.