Installation process

If windows and doors require to be stored before fitting, they should be placed in an upright position. Make sure that all materials are fully dry and stored in a fully aired space to avoid the risk of water penetration.


Place window in opening on packers made from hardwood or a polymer material at a maximum of 850 mm between each centre. A packer must be placed at each end and under any mullions. Place packer behind each fixing point 100mm from top and 100mm from bottom and at centres no more than 850 mm apart on the vertical frames. Side frames must be straight the window must be level. The frames can be secured using mounting brackets, Adjufix mounting systems or mounting screws.

Connecting Windows

When there is a requirement to connect together separate windows, it is important to ensure that the join is wind and water tight and a seal applied.

Filling & Making Good

Use mounting foam, mineral wool, mounting expansion tape and other materials that comply with the necessary operational requirements to fill the mounting joints. Internal and external connections must be insulated and sealed.


Ensure the surface the door is to be placed upon is level and flat.

Place packer behind fixing points above top hinge, below bottom hinge and in the centre of the doorframe. If an extra fixing is required, this should be placed above the middle hinge. Place packer behind fixing points, 100mm from top, 100mm from bottom and above or below the lock keep.

Doorjambs must be straight and plumb.


Broxwood Windows & Doors Ltd reserve the right to void our guarantee if the products are not fitted and maintained in accordance with Broxwood’s instructions.